We love and need our volunteers.  

For the last, almost, 50 years volunteer drivers have been the heart and soul of Mobile Meals.  It would have been, and would still be, absolutely impossible for  this program to succeed without the hundreds of volunteers who have given of their time and resources to support Mobile Meals.  WE THANK YOU!!!

IF you would like to become a driver complete the driver application forms (to the right).

Volunteer drivers:


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Driver application forms: Print and complete the Driver Application, Background Check and Auto Insurance PDF forms using the links below.  Send the forms to the Mobile Meals coordinator.  She will contact you.




Contact our Coordinator if you have questions or would like further information about becoming a volunteer driver!

Our email: mobilemealsofwenatchee@yahoo.com

Our phone: (509) 433-3166

Some interesting information

2009 - 14,987 meals delivered

2010 - 17,079 meals delivered

2011 - 18,063 meals delivered

2012 - 16,274 meals delivered

2013 - 17,857 meals delivered

2014 - 15,971 meals delivered

2015 - 19,125 meals delivered

2016 - 21,550 meals delivered

2017 - 21,785 meals delivered

2018 - 21,274 meals delivered

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