Mobile Meals

Recipient Criteria

Mobile Meals serves hot, nourishing meals to deserving applicants in the Wenatchee valley.  In order to be eligible to receive a meal, a recipient must satisfy one or more of the following criteria

Also, each applicant must live (or receive meals) within Mobile Meals delivery area.

Recipients may be subject to periodic review of their condition to ensure they continue to satisfy eligibility requirements.  If a recipient is deemed to no longer satisfy this criteria, service could be discontinued.

If a recipient falls delinquent on payments, a payment plan should be set up by contacting the Mobile Meals Coordinator.  If payments fall below acceptable levels (please see the payment guidelines), meal service could be discontinued.  Any discontinuation must be approved by the Mobile Meals Board of Directors.

For special cases not covered by the criteria above, the Mobile Meals Board of Directors will determine if the applicant/recipient should receive meals.