Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I eligible?

Eligibility is not based on age or income. Click here to view our criteria page.

What if I’m not home to receive the meals when they arrive?

That is not a problem.  We ask that you place an ice chest or a box with a lid outside of the door and if you do not respond to our knocking, we will automatically place the meal inside the container provided.

How do I pay?

Clients may choose whether they would like to pay weekly or monthly.  Clients can mail their check to the Mobile Meals office or give their payment to the driver when meals are delivered.

How do you find clients?

Our clients find us.  We have brochures distributed throughout the Wenatchee Valley in medical and public facilities, as well as churches.  Family members or the clients themselves contact us for information or to sign up.  We also receive referrals through social service representatives at our local hospitals and nursing homes as well as staff who provide in-home care services.

How does one sign up to receive meals?

If you or a loved one are in need of, or interested in learning more about, our service call our Mobile Meal's Coordinator.

How can I learn more about Mobile Meals?

Call or email our Coordinator with your questions.

Our email:

Our phone: (509) 433-3166

We serve those requesting our service regardless of race, ethnicity or age.

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