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Donor Information / Fund Raising :

Mobile Meals has chosen to remain a locally funded non-profit organization and does not seek or accept government funding.  The reason for this is that federally funded programs have to follow federal guidelines and Mobile Meals would be limited to serving only senior citizens, 62 years of age or older.  Many of our clients are disabled or have other difficulties and are not senior citizens, yet they need our help desperately.  Because of this decision, we must work hard each year in our fund-raising efforts.  Our largest source of funding is from our recipients who pay for their meals. Also, United Way is a major funding source, providing about 10% of our annual budget. United Way strongly believes in the service we provide. In addition, Mobile Meals depends on the generosity of the community in order to continue services.  Letters requesting funds are sent out annually to our local civic service clubs, businesses, banks and foundations.  We also pursue small local grants. Our volunteers also contribute by buying and/or selling tickets for our annual raffle and offering their services for our other fundraisers. If you or your organization would like to hear more about Mobile Meals, the Executive Director provides presentations in our local area upon request.

Donations to Mobile Meals can be made at any time and in any amount. If you would like do more click on our "Sponsor a Recipient" tab or "Create a Memorial Legacy" tab. Receipts are provided upon request and all donations are tax deductible.  Donations can also be made on-line using the Donate button below.

General Donations
Donations are gratefully acknowledged.

Fundraising Donations
Donations may be made to our annual Mobile Meal's fundraising event, (i.e., our annual raffle), by way of:

Estate Planning or Endowment
Mobile Meals has an established endowment fund so if you would like to contribute to it, or if Mobile Meals might fit into your estate planning, please contact our Mobile Meal's Director at (509) 433-3166.

We serve all those requesting our service regardless of race, ethnicity or age.