Mobile Meals

Board Members           


2018-2019 Board

Jerry Karne - President                            Jim Anez - Vice President

Mike Hammer - Treasurer                         Jane Van Sickle - Secretery

Nancy Schutt - Corresponing Secretary


 Rich Boon, Marky Bowling, Roger Cook, Jane Drewelow,

Dave Keiser, Ralph Redding and Bill Winter





2017-2018 Board Members
Back (L-R): Roger Cook, Suzie Pitts, Rich Cook, Jim Anez, Bill Winter, Mike Hammer, Marky Bowling
Front (L-R) Nancy Schutt, Jane Drewelow, Sally Atkin, Sandy Briggs
Missing: Jerry Karney, April Emry



Contact our Mobile Meal's Director at (509) 433-3166 if you have questions.

We serve all those requesting our service regardless of race, ethnicity or age.